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McCreery Cleaning latest News

How to safely store household cleaning products

on Wednesday, 30 March 2016. Posted in News

We all love the feeling when your home is gleaming. Irish people spend up to five hours each day scrubbing, buffing, sweeping, washing and dusting their homes. Along with this incredible effort comes a collection of products and materials which help us to achieve this spotlessly clean feel. The downside is that often these products are filled with chemicals and other harmful ingredients that can agitate conditions, such as asthma, and pose a risk to pets and particularly to small children.

Yet many people keep these products under the kitchen sink or scattered throughout the home, where they can be accessed by anybody. Cleaning products such as bleach and oven cleaners are harmful as are paints, glues, oils and weed-killers.

Many years ago, we at McCreery Cleaning became concerned about the effects that chemicals in many off-the-shelf cleaning products are having on our clients and their home. That is why we have adopted our ‘GoGreen’ commitment to using products that are 100% chemical-free and environmentally friendly, as part of our house cleaning services. Using our ‘GoGreen’ products is kinder to your home and safer for your family.

Here is our guide to the safe storage of household cleaning products:

Top Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

on Sunday, 21 February 2016. Posted in News

Irish people really love their pets! A recent study identified that 61 per cent of all Irish households own either a dog or a cat. We really cherish our pets and consider them to be members of the family, many of us admitting to lavishing our pets with gifts on special occasions! Being a house-proud nation we like to keep our homes in tip-top condition, although, having a pet presents its challenges for the homeowner!

Here are our top cleaning tips for pet owners:

Part-Time Cleaning Professionals required – Kilkenny area

on Thursday, 03 September 2015. Posted in News

McCreery Contract Cleaning is currently recruiting to fill a number of vacancies for part-time positions for cleaning professionals.

These positions are for weekend work and to service both existing clients and a number of new contracts in the Kilkenny area.

Prior cleaning experience is preferred, and essentials include:

Steam cleaning or mops for floors...The great debate

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in News

Some swear by the mop. It’s been a tried and tested way for cleaning floors for centuries, and the latest microfibre technology allied with the all-natural cleaning products that we use means it’s a more effective method now than ever before.

But there is an alternative, and it’s one that’s equally natural. It’s steam. And it’s one that we prefer, for several reasons.

It’s far more efficient – and far more hygienic too. Even though microfibre mops mean you don’t have to lug a big basin around with you and regularly change the water any more, they still need to be rinsed periodically and can take longer to scrub away any stubborn stains. And the sheer hotness of steam means it will kill some 99.99% of all bacteria, without any need whatsoever for chemicals or other detergents.

Benefits of steaming over mopping include

The magic of Microfibre Mops

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in News

At McCreery Cleaning, we use only all-natural cleaning products rather than chemically-laden alternatives, to ensure your home is safe from the possible harmful side-effects of chemicals and to avoid any unwanted chemical odours.

Our commitment to using eco-friendly and sensitive cleaning solutions also goes much further than that, and one of the ways we implement it is by only using microfibre mops for cleaning floors and other surface areas.

The benefits of microfibre mops are many fold, and here are the top ten:

Could you take on the housekeeping duties of a 1950’s Housewife?

on Wednesday, 07 January 2015. Posted in News

1950s HousewifeAt McCreery Contract Cleaning we have a huge interest in housekeeping and cleaning. Recently we came across an article about a day in the life of a 1950s Housewife.

In the fifties, young women were given lessons on how to become a ‘good housewife’ at school! They were advised to prepare for their husbands’ return from work with a delicious meal.

To clear away the clutter and run a dust cloth over the tables and to wash the children, comb their hair and eliminate all noise from the house for their husbands!

The article described a typical housewife’s schedule as outlined in ‘The Americas Housekeeping Book’ which consisted of no less than seventy-seven daily housekeeping tasks to be complete solely by the lady of the house.

Her daily chores included serving breakfast, clearing the dishes, shopping at the butchers and green grocers, hanging out washing, brush upholstery, straighten linens and cloths, plumping pillows and doing a quick light clean again before her husband got home. The list goes on, and on and on! Her day started at 6am to dress and do her hair and make-up, and ended by fixing her curlers at 9pm. That’s a fifteen hour day!

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