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The Natural Post Christmas Clean Up!

on Monday, 23 January 2017. Posted in News

As we start the New Year the post-Christmas clean up brings with it some unique cleaning challenges. From the lingering scent of a slow-cooked Christmas bird, to the overused washing machine. But fear not. We at McCreery Contract Cleaning will give you our top tips and tricks for tackling the cleaning after Christmas.

Cleaning the Grimy Post-Christmas Dinner Oven

Between the Christmas bird, the roasted veg, and whatever else you cook, the oven takes a battering during the festive period. So this is a good chance to give your oven the cleaning it deserves.

In fact, most kitchen appliances can be cleaned using homemade cleaners you can easily make in a matter of seconds with products you probably already have in your pantry.

Baking soda is a very effective cleaner; it’s abrasive enough to remove caked on debris but won’t scratch surfaces.

Tip: You probably have both in your kitchen cupboards somewhere, and you might even actually use one or the other with some sort of frequency. Baking soda is the more basic of the two, a white powder that’s also known as sodium bicarbonate.Baking powder, even though it looks like almost the same white stuff, is actually baking soda with an acidic ingredient mixed in.

Vinegar, or lemon juice, easily cuts through grease and removes germs. Some recipes call for Castile soap, which is a vegetable based soap, and you can decide whether or not to add this ingredient.

For best results, wipe off as much baked on food prior to either method and make sure the oven is completely cool.

Non-toxic cleaning method

  • Generously sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the oven
  • Using a spray bottle, wet the baking soda with vinegar (you don’t want a puddle of vinegar). Note that the reaction of the vinegar and baking soda will cause bubbling.
  • Let sit for about 4 hours or overnight
  • Wipe away vinegar and baking soda with a textured sponge.
  • If any residue is left, simply use clean water to wipe clean

At McCreery Contract Cleaning we are committed to chemical free cleaning. Our ‘Go Green’ products are 100% chemical free and environmentally friendly which are kinder to your home and safer for your family and pets.

Clean The Lingering Smell of Post-Christmas Food

Afraid to open the fridge door, lest the stench of old greens and leftovers permeate the rest of the house? A clean fridge is a happy fridge. But it’s also a fridge that keeps food fresher longer and prevents contamination which is healthier for you and your family. Cramming in just a few more things, and before you know it, the fridge is so full and something smells ‘off.’

Empty the Fridge

You can do this all at once or in sections. Set aside two areas for setting items down: one area for things that need to be cleaned out (outdated leftovers in tupperware, for example) and another area for items that need to be put back into the fridge. Anything that needs to be discarded that's not in a container you want to keep goes straight into the bin, of course.

Clean Contents

If your fridge is less than pristine, chances are that your milk and jars aren't squeaky clean either. With a damp rag, wipe the bottoms of items and also clean any drips on the sides. If lid areas need a little TLC, tackle those too. You want everything you return to the fridge to be clean so you're not spreading the mess around. You can clean out leftovers containers now, or wait until you're done with the fridge.

Clean the Inside of the Fridge

If you can remove shelves and drawers, do it. Spray the inside of the fridge with a solution of vinegar and water, conce ntrating on soiled areas and let it soak in. Wash the removed shelves and drawers with warm soapy water and set them aside to dry. Head back to the fridge and wipe everything down with a rag.

Return Contents

Dry shelves and drawers and return them to the fridge. Next, place all newly cleaned items back in the fridge in their respective areas. (McCreery Contract Cleaning recommends having fridge sections labelled to help keep items where they belong.)

Step back and admire your sparkling fridge!

Overworked Washing Machine - Sparkling Clean!

Washing machines are great and time saving (think of a 1950’s housewife!), but they sometimes have a tendency to harbour mould and unpleasant smells. By giving your washing machine a quick clean once a month, you'll keep your washing machine fresh, which means cleaner clothes, too. This eco-friendly method doesn't use bleach, costs only pennies to make, and comes together with ingredients you already have on hand.

What You'll Need:

  • 2 cups vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Scrub sponge

Start by mixing together the baking soda and water in a small bowl. This is going to be the "detergent" for cleaning the washing machine. Pour the vinegar into a measuring cup and head over to your washing machine. Add the baking soda mixture to the detergent container of your machine and pour the vinegar into the drum.

Set your washer to normal load at the hottest water setting. Close the door and start the machine, letting it do all the hard work for you. The baking soda and vinegar naturally break up mineral deposits and any mould growth while cleaning and refreshing your washing machine.

Use a clean scrubber to rub around the opening of the washing machine, removing stubborn mould or residue. Wipe clean with fresh water. Your washing machine is sparkling clean and ready to do a load of laundry! Give your washing machine a cleaning once a month to keep your clothes smelling fresh and your machine working in tip-top condition.

We can arrange your deep clean to be carried out in one day or less at a time most convenient to you. Our highly trained and discrete professional team will treat your home as if it were their own and guarantee to amaze you with the result!

If you would like to avail of our deep clean service contact Eileen for a no-obligation estimate for your deep clean this New Year.

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