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Benefits of a Deep Cleaning Service

on Wednesday, 30 November 2016. Posted in News

Deep Clean ChristmasChristmas is just around the corner and for most of us that means a little time off with the family and a chance to catch up with aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and in-laws.

Indeed we are a sociable nation and never more so that during the holidays.

This time of year we recommend our Deep Cleaning Service, ideal ahead of this busy season, freeing up your time to spend with the family and giving you the confidence to enjoy your visitors knowing that your home is gleaming.

The benefits of your deep clean will last far beyond the festivities and into the New Year.

Benefits of a Deep Clean

Boosts the overall appeal of your home

Make your home a show house and arrive home to find every surface and window pane sparkling, all dust destroyed, and every trace of grease and grime gone. Flawless floors, brilliant bedrooms, immaculate kitchens, spectacular sitting rooms and sparkling bathrooms – the kind of home you want to show off to your guests! With the attention to detail that our cleaning team brings, our deep cleaning will last for months with just a small amount of maintenance needed to keep it spotless all year round.

Long lasting protection

Deep Clean ProtectionDuring our deep cleaning service our professional team will clean and maintain your windows with our special ‘Reach and Wash’ system. Damage caused by the debris that builds up on windows will lead to scratches and eventually your windows will become very dull. Our special system will give longevity to your windows and leave a sparkling streak free finish.

Lime scale, prevalent in Kilkenny and the Southeast, can damage bathroom sanitary ware, kitchen sinks, showers and household equipment. McCreery Contract Cleaning team will ensure that lime scale build-up is removed and your home is protected from this type of damage. Regular deep cleaning also protects all the equipment in your home like washing machines and fringes - seals, shelves and doors last longer and run more efficiently once maintained properly.

Not just clean – hygienically clean

Deep Clean ChristmasWe make sure the heart of your home is a healthy and hygienic one. We sanitise all surfaces paying special attention to your living spaces - your family and guests will be amazed! Some areas of the home like the kitchen or bathroom are a perfect breeding ground for bacterial and mould.

We clean and sanitise each room ensuring that everything shines brilliantly and is germ free paying particular attention to wet rooms.

Our Deep Clean doesn’t stop there! In every room of your home, we steam-clean the radiators and hoover the curtains; we also steam-clean banisters, paying particular attention to all grooves and other hard-to-reach areas.

A deep cleaned home is a pleasure

We know the pleasure and confidence a thoroughly cleaned home can bring. That is exactly what you can look forward to when you engage our Deep Cleaning professionals. They will ensure that your entire home is spick-and-span from every hinge, picture frame and light switch to the skirting boards and heaters, leaving your home looking its best – give yourself the gift of a deep clean this Christmas!

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