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Office Deep Clean

Office Cleaning Services

Even with regular cleaning, a busy office environment can benefit from an occasional Deep Clean – where our dedicated cleaning professionals make your workplace the cleanest it’s ever been.

A Deep Clean goes above and beyond a ‘regular’ clean. It tackles every inch of your premises, from floor to ceiling, and leaves things absolutely immaculate.

Imagine arriving to work to find every surface spotless, all dust destroyed, all floors and windows flawless, and all grease and grime gone from the canteen. That is exactly what our Deep Cleaning teams deliver.

What our Office Deep Clean delivers

A McCreery Contract Cleaning Deep Clean sees our professionals utilising their skills and experience to deliver:

Wondrous work surfaces

We clean all desks and other work surfaces (including the ‘behind’ and ‘beneath’ parts) and remove all dust and allergens, paving the way for a more productive work area.

Flawless Floors

We vacuum carpets and use microfibre mops and/or steam cleaners to clean wooden floors and tiles. We sanitise kitchen/canteen/tea room and toilet floors, leaving them as hygienic as can be.

Welcoming reception areas

First impressions count, and your reception area is where visitors first form their impression of your company’s premises. We make sure they are as clean and as welcoming as can be.

Immaculate canteens

A canteen or tea room in an office building can often be the hardest to keep clean, but we make them good as new. We de-grease and sanitise all surfaces, clean all appliances, and make sure that the place where your workforce prepares and eats food is healthy and hygienic.

Sparkling Toilets

We clean and sanitise toilets, wash hand basins, and other fittings, ensuring that everything sparkles brilliantly. Where necessary, we remove limescale build-up from sinks and toilets in ‘hard’ water areas.

And much more too

Our Deep Clean doesn’t stop there, as we do much more as standard too. All over your office space, we steam-clean your radiators (front, back, and internal cavity area), clean window blinds or curtains, and much more. In your office space extends to two floors or more, we also clean your stairwells and lift(s).

Steps to a Deep Clean

The first step is simply to contact us by phone or online. One of our experienced professionals will arrange to pay a visit, to appraise your Deep Cleaning needs and provide a no-obligation estimate of both cost and likely timeframe involved.

Costs vary depending on factors such as the amount of work required and the size of the house, and normally, we arrange for your Deep Clean to be carried out in one day or less.

We achieve this by allocating a team of at least four and up to eight dedicated and fully-trained cleaning professionals. Work can be scheduled for evenings and/or weekends, to minimise disruption to your office.

Going Green with your Deep Clean

Our Deep Cleaning service is carried out in accordance with our GoGreen philosophy, as we use 100% chemical-free and environmentally-friendly products. Our GoGreen products are kinder to your home, and safer for your workforce. You can choose from a range of gorgeous natural fragrances, while there is an odour-free option too.

Occasionally, we find we do need to use some chemical products after all, if tackling a particularly severe build-up of limescale in bathrooms or kitchens in a hard water area. If this is the case in your home, you will be informed in advance, and we will ask your permission before using chemicals.

Arrange your Deep Clean now

You can be sure that your offices will be clean, hygienic and sparkling once you avail of our Deep Cleaning Service. To take the first step, just contact us today.

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