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Using regular cleaning products ‘as bad as smoking 20 cigarettes’

on Friday, 23 February 2018. Posted in News

A study just published says that regularly using regular ‘off the shelf’ cleaning products can be as bad for you as smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

The researchers said the chemicals in the cleaning agents can damage the lungs in the same way as cigarette smoke. Their conclusion came at the end of a 20-year study. It involved 6,000 people that either worked as professional cleaners or else regularly used chemical products in their homes.

The study was carried out by the University of Bergen and was published in a leading American medical journal. Here in Ireland, it was reported upon by the Irish Independent.

Our products are chemical-free

The findings mean that we here at McCreery Cleaning are now more sure than ever that our way is by far the best way to go as regards cleaning your premises.

We don’t use chemical products. We instead use alternative products that are all-natural, chemical-free, and environmentally-friendly.

In many applications, we don’t need to use products at all. We instead use highly-effective microfibre mops and cloths with simple water, to give just as good a result.

Our policy is exactly in keeping with the recommendations of the scientists who produced the report.

‘The take home message of this study is that in the long run cleaning chemicals very likely cause rather substantial damage to your lungs,’ said the person who led the study.

‘These chemicals are usually unnecessary. Microfibre cloths and water are more than enough for most purposes,’ she added.

Benefits for our staff... and yours

The benefits of our chemical-free policy are not just for our cleaning staff. They’re for your staff and customers too too.

Our policy means we’re not spraying harmful chemicals around your premises. This in turn means that nobody in your premises is breathing in unnecessary substances that could damage their health.

It’s another great reason to contact McCreery Cleaning for all your commercial cleaning needs. We deliver an expert and safe service at all times. Get in touch to learn more!

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