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The Ultimate Spring Clean Checklist

on Monday, 22 July 2019. Posted in News

The much anticipated stretch in the evenings has arrived. Spring is here. Our homes are the hub of daily family life and this time of year thoughts turn to the annual spring clean. Here’s our ultimate Spring Clean checklist for creating the biggest impact on the home this spring.

Organise, declutter and refresh

Spring is the ideal time of year to start planning for the warmer months ahead. You can now put those cosy woollens, extra thick blankets and heavy overcoats away!

While packing away the winter garb, look at each item of clothing and ask yourself, ‘Does it suit me? Does it fit? Do I love it?’

If the answer is no, it’s time to part ways. This applies to worn or drab bedding, towels and kitchen linen too. Shred old paperwork and file those documents that you need to keep. Ask the children to fill a box each of toys and games that they no longer play with. Cast a critical eye across your ornaments and crockery. Charity shops will appreciate the contribution.

You’ll instantly feel lighter with less ‘stuff’. This will make a great starting point to commence your spring clean.

Window Cleaning – Let there be light!

Now that spring is here, we want light to flood our homes with the gorgeous warm glow of springtime. You’ll be stunned how much brighter and lighter your home will feel with sunshine streaming through streak-free window panes. Gleaming windows will give such a lift to the exterior of your home too.

Our ‘Reach & Wash’ window cleaning system is a safer, faster, less intrusive and environmentally friendly window washing service that leaves a streak-free finish, in a flash.

Our trained ‘Reach & Wash’ cleaning team will make your windows sparkle with this latest technology.

If you are tackling this task yourself, nothing beats the old-fashioned approach of vinegar and hot water for streak-free results. A well-worn linen cloth (one that has not been thrown out) and squeegee complete your toolkit.

Dust off the old

After the winter months, there’s an inevitable sprinkling of dust throughout the home. Shafts of sunlight peek through to highlight every speck of dust and lint which has gathered. This reveals the full extent of the problem, often prompting people to spring into action with the annual clean.

Dusting requires the right tools. Microfibre mops and cloths are magic for picking up dust, lint and pet hairs, which the cloth attracts like a magnet. They are versatile, reusable and can be used across any surface, dry or with water. We always use microfibre as part of our commitment to being ‘green’.

With your microfibre cloth to hand, pull out static furniture. Clean behind, sofa, beds, fridge and other household appliances. Use a microfibre wand or mop to reach those out-of-reach areas, such as ceiling beams, window and door frames. Afterwards, pop the cloth in the washing machine and it will be ready for the next time. Read our blog, ‘Cleaning Tips for the Big Chill’, to see how to reduce the amount of dust in your home next winter.

Naturally clean cooker

Most kitchen appliances can be cleaned using homemade products that can be easily made with products you probably already have in your pantry. Baking soda (also known as bicarbonate of soda) is a very effective cleaner. It’s abrasive enough to remove caked-on debris, but won’t scratch surfaces. Vinegar or lemon juice, easily cut through grease and remove germs. Pick them up on your next trip to the supermarket and follow these instructions for an all-natural clean.

  1. Ensure that the oven is completely cool
  2. With a hard plastic spatula or wooden spoon, rub off the heavy dirt
  3. Generously sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the oven and inside the door
  4. Using a spray bottle, spritz the baking soda with vinegar and watch it bubble up
  5. Let the mixture sit for at least 4 hours or overnight for best results
  6. Wipe away vinegar and baking soda with a textured sponge
  7. If residue remains, simply use clean water with a dash of lemon to wipe clean

Our GoGreen Products are 100% free from harsh chemicals and environmentally friendly. They have a little extra oomph than the homemade version and are kind to your home and safe for your family.

Love your garden

Whilst the inside of your home is getting some TLC, don’t neglect the outside areas. Clearing the guttering is a must for springtime. So is weeding, sharpening the lawn edges and cutting back on overgrowth ahead of summer. The effort you make in spring will pay dividends from now until the end of autumn.

Dust off the patio furniture and add a splash of colour to the garden with bright bedding plants. You can also give your outdoors a little makeover with cushions, bunting and lanterns.

Spring (Cleaning) is in the air

We’ve seen a huge spike in requests for our Deep Clean Service this spring. Time is precious and more and more people see the value in having their homes cleaned professionally. This frees up quality time to spend with family, friends and take a break from work.

At McCreery Contract Cleaning Solutions, we create a bespoke cleaning plan for each customer including a wide range of services from an initial ‘deep clean’, perfect for the annual spring clean, to regular maintenance cleaning including ovens, carpets, windows and bathrooms. We now offer an array of new services including ironing and gardening to offer our clients the full package inside and out. We promise to show your home and garden the love and respect that it and you deserve.

Simply contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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