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Steam cleaning or mops for floors...The great debate

on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in News

Some swear by the mop. It’s been a tried and tested way for cleaning floors for centuries, and the latest microfibre technology allied with the all-natural cleaning products that we use means it’s a more effective method now than ever before.

But there is an alternative, and it’s one that’s equally natural. It’s steam. And it’s one that we prefer, for several reasons.

It’s far more efficient – and far more hygienic too. Even though microfibre mops mean you don’t have to lug a big basin around with you and regularly change the water any more, they still need to be rinsed periodically and can take longer to scrub away any stubborn stains. And the sheer hotness of steam means it will kill some 99.99% of all bacteria, without any need whatsoever for chemicals or other detergents.

Benefits of steaming over mopping include

  • Steam cleaning gets rid of invisible bacteria that traditional mopping leaves behind
  • Drying time with steam cleaning is far quicker because there is little or no water left behind
  • You don’t need any harmful (or expensive!) detergents for steam cleaning
  • A steam cleaner can also clean places other than floors – for example, counter tops and tiles
  • Hard to remove stains, or ground-in dirt, can be easily removed without vigorous scrubbing
  • It’s eco-friendly and safe for anywhere there’s pets and/or small children

Mopping diehards may say:

  • A mop is less expensive that a steam cleaner.
    We say: That may be so, but you’ll also need a water container, probably some scrubbing brushes, and detergents too, so the total costs soon add up.
  • I like the smell of a freshly-washed floor
    We say: That may be so, but remember that smell comes from chemicals, which we prefer not to use
  • I need some exercise, and mopping and scrubbing gives it to me!
    We say: Go for a nice walk instead!

We’ll provide steam cleaning for you as part of our comprehensive cleaning solution for your home or place of business. Just Contact Us to find out more.

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