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Is hiring a cleaner worth it?

on Tuesday, 23 July 2019. Posted in News

When considering hiring a professional cleaner, many people ask themselves ‘is it worth the money?’ We see clients, friends and family trying their best to have a career and run a household. It’s a challenge. For some having a cleaner is a necessity to achieve balance for the family and get quality time for themselves.

hiring a cleaner worth it

Should you go pro? This is a consideration that each family needs to make however there are some clear benefits and cost savers for those that decide to hire a professional.

Benefits of a hiring a professional cleaner

  • At McCreery Cleaning a bespoke cleaning plan is arranged with each customer, including a range of services from an initial ‘deep clean’ to regular maintenance cleaning plans individually tailored to the client’s needs.
  • The family home is cleaned properly, professionally, and consistently, every time. We will assign an individual cleaner to your home, the same person every week who will get to know just how you like things done.
  • We supply all of our own cleaning products and the latest professional equipment to deliver the best results every time. McCreery Cleaning has an Eco-friendly cleaning policy. Our products are tough on dirt but kind to your home and family.
  • Our cleaners are Garda vetted and fully insured so you can have peace of mind when having your home cleaned.
  • And of course, a sparklingly clean home carried out by highly trained professionals. Each member of our cleaning crews is trained to the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) qualification and McCreery Cleaning is the only accredited trainer to this standard in the South East.

Advice from Jennifer McCreery

Jennifer McCreery, our Managing Director has been offering professional cleaning services for nearly 20 years for both corporate and domestic clients. This is Jennifer’s advice.

Advice from Jennifer McCreery

People are working very long days leaving the house at 7.30 am and maybe not back until 6.30 pm – Time is precious and more and more people see the value in having their homes cleaned by professionals. This frees up quality time to spend with family, friends and taking a break from work. I advise people to look at their own situation and ask themselves, how much do I earn and how much does a cleaner cost? Is the cost worth it for me and my family to achieve a better quality of work life balance? It won’t be for everyone but for some it’s a must.

Many customers come to us as they know we have a discreet, trusted team, fully trained, Garda vetted and insured. For me, there is nothing like coming home to a beautifully clean home. It’s like a fairy has been in with a magic wand and I can get on with living.

Professional Cleaning Services

We always recommend that new clients start with the deep cleaning service; this will make an enormous difference to the home. It’s a completely fresh start, getting into awkward corners and hard to reach areas of the house. A cleaning plan is then created with each customer including a wide range of services for example ovens, carpets, windows and bathrooms. This will keep your home looking its best and feeling pristine.

If you would like to chat to us about professional cleaning, contact one of our team today for a no-obligation quote and to discuss your cleaning needs.

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